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Thomas Waldmann
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Warning: The html tag has no language attribute

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We need to think about how to handle this.

Our internal default language is english, but (assuming that we have a complete xx translation) if the user requests xx, he'll get all user interface texts in xx.

Another thing is the content, which does not need to be in xx also, but could be just any other language. So I guess we need another lang attr for the content (comes from revision metadata).

Inside the content, there could be yet other languages, so we might need more lang attrs and a way to deal with that.

Transclusions must also be considered.

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  1. RogerHaase

    When import19 encounters a page with a processing instruction

    #language en

    then it creates an entry

    "language": "en",

    within the item's metadata.

    This is not used by moin2 nor displayed by the /+meta/ function. The language parameter is displayed within the Extra MetaData (JSON) block displayed by /+modify/

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