locationline is same for Global Index and Item Index

Issue #410 resolved
Roger Haase created an issue

For modernized theme, mouseover of Index tab shows tooltip of Global Index, status bar shows url of /+index/. Mouseover of item index shows tooltip of List Subitems, status bar shows url of /+index/Home. But clicking either shows location line of "~/Global Index". foobar theme is similar but omits "~/" for Index tab.

The item index location line should probably say "~/Item Index" or similar. At least it should not say "~/Global Index".

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  1. Roger Haase reporter

    Maybe it is time to reopen the issue of having a Global Index and a Subitem Index, both of which have links labeled "Index".

    The Global Index seems OK as is, the link on the tab is labeled "Index", the mouseover tooltip says "Global Index", and the subsequent locationline says "~/Global Index".

    The Subitems Index is confusing, the link in itemviews says "Index", the mouseover says "List of sub-items" (or foobar "List sub-items"), and the location line says "~/Global Index".

    Having two links with the same name is confusing, and causes the user to sometimes click on the wrong link.

    A better way is to rename the subitems "Index" to "Subitems", make the mouseover tooltip "Subitems Index", and the location line "~/Subitem Index".

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