Modernized subitem make-link/make-transclusion feature should work for all themes

Issue #456 resolved
Roger Haase
created an issue

The modernized theme currently has a subitems sidebar that is present when an item has subitems. This is a wart as the same info is present on all themes by clicking the itemsview Subitems link.

On the modernized modify view, the subitems chain-link icon may occasionally be helpful to users who want to link or transclude a subitem.

  • position the caret within the textarea
  • click the chain-link icon to insert the subitem name into the textarea at the caret
  • manually enclose the name with {{}} or [[]]


  • feature only available with modernized theme
  • rarely useful, but always consumes display space (when edited item has subitems)
  • only works with subitems of current item


  • add a "Make Link or Transclusion" button to modify view
  • user positions caret in textarea and clicks above button
  • if current item has subitems, an Index of Subitems is inserted into modify view
    • insert is nearly identical to current index display, but Action has Make-Link, Make-Transclusion
  • else, the Global Index is inserted into modify view
  • user can use links within Global/Subitem Index to move to other global or subitems views
  • user checks boxes of one or more items, then clicks Action > Make-Transclusion or Make-Link
    • links or transclusions for selected items are pasted into textarea at caret
    • the index is hidden
  • user continues editing...if the Make Link Button is clicked, the last index view is inserted into modify view

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