Global History UI Issues; show prior names and alias names

Issue #462 resolved
Roger Haase
created an issue

To see this problem, create 3 or more items, add an alias or two to some of the items, update one or more of the items several times, then delete all the items. (View to see an example of a better design.)

Note Global History shows only the shortened item ID. This is not helpful as the user must hunt for the desired item by clicking on the HIST links until the desired item is located. This could be very time consuming if the items was deleted weeks ago and the wiki has a lot of activity.

A similar issue exists if an item is given several alias names and then an alias name is removed. In this case, Global history shows the current names, but not the deleted name. If a user wants to add back the deleted alias, but does not know the other item names, he must again click on all the HIST links to locate the desired item.

A related issue is if an item has multiple names, currently all the names form one link to the show view of the first name in the list. These should be separate links so the user can go to the show view of any alias name.

The prior alias names should be added as plain text rather than a link. That way the user can go to a show view of the current item, then view item history to see the history of the various alias names. Showing a link for a prior alias name is likely to cause confusion - it either links to current item view but wrong name, or right name old version.