Merge most basic theme templates into MoinMoin/templates

Issue #471 resolved
Roger Haase
created an issue

This excludes layout.html and show.html, of course.

Benefits are less template and CSS code to maintain, fewer bugs (basic theme lacks item_name to fqname conversion in a few places), and a chance to keep the better template where the formats differ.

A downside is losing any benefit derived from use of the predefined Bootstrap CSS styling. This appears to be a minor benefit as many moin- classes are already mixed in and there are other cases where the Bootstrap classes are overridden by custom CSS.

The end result should include elimination of Bootstrap classes within #moin-content. All tags within #moin-content will be styled by common.css.

Theme templates and CSS will concentrate on styling the header, sidebar, and footer*. Of course, if there is a need to override the common styling within #moin-content (such as use of custom colors), that can be done within the respective theme.css.

  • The basic theme footer styling seems unfinished and could benefit from common styling.

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