Basic Theme page trail end is overlaid In History, Index, Tags, ... views

Issue #473 resolved
Roger Haase
created an issue

When some of the Site navigation links are clicked when viewing an item, the item's name in the page trail is removed and replaced with the navigation name. The result is there is no link back to the prior item. The problem is present when any report associated with a title_name is displayed, including SubItems, ACL Reports, etc.

In the modernized theme, the navigation name is placed in the Page Location, but Basic Theme lacks a Page Location. If the current view is a report, the page location is added to the end of the page trail. If the current view is an item, the last item in the page trail is formatted like an item in the modernized location bar.

Ignoring the above bug, the basic theme combo page trail - location appears more concise and seems to be a better design. The location bar in the modernized uses an oversized font that competes with the H1 heading in the page content. Moving the combo page trail - location to the modernized theme is desirable.

The modernized theme does not show the wiki name - this could be placed in the area currently occupied by the location.

All entries in the Basic theme .moin-breadcrumb > li children have a "<ul class="moin-bcs-subitems"></ul>" child that is poorly named (shows alias names, not subitems; bcs means?) and is present even when empty.

Would be nice to standardize on names; Modernized uses an ID of moin-pagetrail, Basic uses class of moin-breadcrumb.

The alias names are poorly styled on both themes - the names are visible when hovering over the name in the page trail.

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