Page Trail lacks visits to reports

Issue #481 new
Roger Haase
created an issue

Currently the page trail is updated only when a user visits the show (or +meta) view of an item.

If a user clicks on a direct link to different views of an item, such as +history, +modify, +highlight, +sitemap, +similar the page trail is not updated. For example if a user is viewing the moin page and pastes http://localhost:8080/+modify/creole into the url, the page trail is not updated (until the Save button is clicked).

If a user visits a "report" such as Global Index, My Changes, etc. (anything that has a value assigned to title_name in MoinMoin/apps/frontend/ then that event is not added to the page trail.

This presents a confusing UI because it is impossible for a novice user to determine which of the various links and buttons on a wiki page will update the page trail.

Additional entries should be added to the page trail:

  1. visits to "report" pages should be added so they appear similar to the url, e.g.: +history, +index, +mychanges...

  2. visits to views of an item other than the show view will appear similar to the url, e.g.: +modify/moin, +history/moin, +meta/moin...