admonition icons do not print...

Issue #549 resolved
Roger Haase
created an issue

... unless the user sets his browser to print background images.


{{{#!wiki caution
'''Don't overuse admonitions'''

Admonitions should be used with care. A page riddled with admonitions will look restless and will be harder to follow than a page where admonitions are used sparingly.

The caution icon is presently added via common.css:

div.caution { background-image: url("../img/admonitions/caution.png"); }

The same visual effect could be created by moving the icon to the foreground:

div.caution:before { content: url("../img/admonitions/caution.png"); float: left; }
div.caution p { padding-left: 4em; }

This Moin 1.x report from 2008 was considered to be not a bug:

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