Item Views Rename and Item Views Delete should support alias names like Item Modify

Issue #580 new
Roger Haase
created an issue

If you modify an item, the General Meta Names field shows all item names as a comma separated string. A user may change any of the names as well as add or delete names.

But if a user clicks the Item View Rename link, only the current used name is shown. If the user tries to enter a comma separated list of names, then the resulting new name will include the entire string with the comma characters.

This situation is corrupted further by doing a Modify and Save. The names field is filled with the erroneous name and these are recognized as multiple names on save. However the longer name with embedded commas and spaces persists.

The Item View Delete dialog has a similar issue. The delete dialog shows only the current alias with no indication that there are other names. Successful completion of the delete process removes one alias but does not inform the user that the item persists with the other names. Same issue if user gets to +delete by clicking delete icon on Item History view.