Item Views links are wrong when viewing Item History by item ID

Issue #581 resolved
Roger Haase
created an issue

Item History lists item revisions in 2 different ways:

  • by item name (omits revisions with different names)
  • by item ID (omits revisions of deleted items having the same name)

When viewing the Item History by item ID, the links in the Item Views area of the theme header/sidebar have links using the @itemid/<item id> form. The Diff button also uses the @itemid... form.

While the @itemid... form appears to work for most links, the Diff and Rename links fail to work as expected and the headings created by several of the other reports show the item ID in the heading rather than the item name.

All the Item Views links and the Diff link should use <item name> style links rather than the @itemid style when the user is viewing Item History by Item ID.

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