search query: add some more clickable options

Issue #60 open
Thomas Waldmann repo owner created an issue

currently the search is most powerful if you know how to enter the correct queries into the search field.

maybe we want to have some clickable stuff also (see also moin 1.9 FindPage), e.g.

  1. what contenttypes to search in (usually it searches in all types) - use groups of stuff so that a normal user understands it (see index page)

  2. if farm wikis share a common index, we maybe could display a list of wikis with checkboxes to limit search to the selected wikis

  3. maybe offer a list of tags to select

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  1. Don Lebowski

    Hey there, i would try to solve this one. But at least i would need a leverage to know where to start, so a directory path in the repo would be a nice hint. I would appreciate it. Thanks

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