recursion on item changes

Issue #76 open
Reimar Bauer
created an issue

rename and some other similiars should offer to work on all subitems too.

e.g. renaming the Item should rename subitems also to the new base

we have also to keep hierarchical acls. if the acl base of subitens becomes moved / renamed / killed we change also acl rights of subitems to default entries if nothing is set on subitems.

If hierarchical acls are used we should forbide moving the master without changing acls on all its subitems.

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  1. Thomas Waldmann repo owner
    • changed status to open

    this should be split into 2 issues: one for adding recursive behaviour (list all actions!).

    another one for the acl issue. and i don't think that there should be some forced and hard-coded acl change, because a change of permissions could also be intended.

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