attributes for transclusion syntax

Issue #7 resolved
Reimar Bauer
created an issue

By {{Example}} we transclude an item on an other one

We should add some parameters for setting the position and size e.g. left and 45% so one can easily use it to create parallel columns.

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  1. Thomas Waldmann repo owner

    Needs to be more precise about proposed syntax and how it will be reflected in the moin DOM and in generated html.

    Please note that we already have parameters in the 3rd part of the link / transclusion syntax.

  2. RogerHaase

    Per and, "align" is not valid in HTML5 for IMG and OBJECT tags.

    If we want to do positioning, the only choices are to add "class=xxx" and/or "style=xxx" as options in addition to "width=nn" and "height=nn" that are already recognized in the 3rd part of the transclusion syntax..

    Suggest we add both class and style.

    A problem related to positioning is transclusion wrapping. Some or all of the styles or classes applied to the img or object must be moved or copied to the wrapper. In particular, 'style="float: right;"' must be copied/moved to the wrapper.

  3. RogerHaase

    fixed by 636f439, added class attribute for left, center, right, top, middle, bottom positioning. Added js code to move relevant attributes to wrapper. Width and height options were added some months ago.

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