moin-2.0 / docs / admin / requirements.rst


MoinMoin requires Python >= 2.6 and < 3.0. We usually test using CPython and this is what we recommend.

You can also try PyPy: PyPy >= 1.6 seems to work with moin.


For moin, you can use any server compatible with WSGI:

  • the builtin "moin" server is recommended for desktop wikis, testing, debugging, development, adhoc-wikis, etc.
  • apache with mod_wsgi is recommended for bigger/busier wikis.
  • other WSGI-compatible servers or middlewares are usable
  • For cgi, fastcgi, scgi, ajp, etc., you can use the "flup" middleware:
  • IIS with ISAPI-WSGI gateway is also compatible:


For dependency information, please see

If you use easy_install or pip or our quickinstall script, then dependencies are usually automatically dealt with.


On the client side, you need:

  • a decent web browser that supports W3C standards HTML 5 and CSS 2.1 as well as JavaScript:
    • any current version of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer (IE9 or IE10) should work.
    • usage of older Internet Explorer versions is not recommended and not supported because they are known for causing issues. For Windows 7 (or 8) Microsoft provides IE9 or IE10.
  • Java browser plugin (optional, needed if you want to use TWikiDraw or AnyWikiDraw drawing applets).