moin-2.0 / quickinstall

# create a virtual environment in directory env/
virtualenv --no-site-packages env
source env/bin/activate

# get some 3rd party stuff and unpack them into env/, where the default
# expects them. should be replaced by packaging.
# we do this FIRST, so that breakage with pip install is better visible.

wget -nc -O env/ckeditor.tgz $URL
tar xz -C env/ -f env/ckeditor.tgz

wget -nc -O env/twd.tgz $URL
tar xz -C env/ -f env/twd.tgz

wget -nc -O env/svgedit.tgz $URL
tar xz -C env/ -f env/svgedit.tgz

mkdir env/jquery
wget -nc -O env/jquery/jquery.min.js $URL

wget -nc -O env/ $URL 
unzip -o -d env/ env/

DIR='AnyWikiDraw 0.14'
wget -nc -O env/ $URL
unzip -o -d env/ env/
cd env/
ln -s "$DIR" AnyWikiDraw
cd ..

# first install babel, moin's will emit a warning if it is not there
pip install babel

# "install" moin2 from repo to the env, this will also install required python
# packages from pypi. we do this LAST, so that breakage is better visible.
pip install -e .

# compile the translations
python compile_catalog --statistics