Thomas Waldmann

Thomas Waldmann

Thomas Waldmann pushed 9 commits to thomaswaldmann/moin-2.0

b980a2e - fix some broken parts of transclusions in moinwiki, markdown, and rst parsers
00ac542 - fix trivial javascript and jslint issues
8994863 - update interwiki, fix tests broken by update
0984f66 - add autoscroll edit textarea to markdown parser; add demo in serialized/items.moin
92a9c6e - reduce number of warning and error messages when running "m docs"
Thomas Waldmann

Thomas Waldmann pushed 7 commits to thomaswaldmann/moin-2.0

27f723a - update development.rst, minor edits and changes for Basic theme CSS compilation
4f04dff - upgrade to xstatic-bootstrap; recompiling basic.less creates many changes to basic.css, but no new breakage
074013c - update API docs - result of running "m api" with sphinx 1.2.1 or 1.2.2
a9c1d79 - copy updated ReST docs from serialize/items.moin to docs/user/rest.rst
fb44a83 - add compilation of basic theme CSS files to; requires change to xstatic bootstrap package