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  2. storage-ng


storage-ng / storage / stores / _tests / conftest.py

# Copyright: 2011 MoinMoin:RonnyPfannschmidt
# License: GNU GPL v2 (or any later version), see LICENSE.txt for details.

MoinMoin - store test magic

from __future__ import absolute_import, division

import pytest
from ..wrappers import ByteToStreamWrappingStore

STORES_PACKAGE = 'storage.stores'

STORES = 'fs kc kt memory sqlite sqlite:compressed sqla'.split()

constructors = {
    'memory': lambda store, _: store(),
    'fs': lambda store, tmpdir: store(str(tmpdir.join('store'))),
    'sqlite': lambda store, tmpdir: store(str(tmpdir.join('store.sqlite')),
                                          'test_table', compression_level=0),
    'sqlite:compressed': lambda store, tmpdir: store(str(tmpdir.join('store.sqlite')),
                                          'test_table', compression_level=1),
    'kc': lambda store, tmpdir: store(str(tmpdir.join('store.kch'))),
    'kt': lambda store, _: store(),
    'sqla': lambda store, tmpdir: store('sqlite:///%s' % str(tmpdir.join('store.sqlite')),

def pytest_generate_tests(metafunc):
    argnames = metafunc.funcargnames
    if 'store' in argnames:
        klasses = 'BytesStore', 'FileStore'
    elif 'bst' in argnames:
        klasses = 'BytesStore',
    elif 'fst' in argnames:
        klasses = 'FileStore',
        klasses = None

    if klasses is not None:
        for storename in STORES:
            for klass in klasses:
                    id='%s/%s' % (storename, klass),
                    param=(storename, klass))

    multi_mark = getattr(metafunc.function, 'multi', None)
    if multi_mark is not None:
        # XXX: hack
        stores = multi_mark.kwargs['Store']
        for store in stores:
            metafunc.addcall(id=store.__name__, funcargs={
                'Store': store,

def make_store(request):
    tmpdir = request.getfuncargvalue('tmpdir')
    storename, kind = request.param
    storemodule = pytest.importorskip(STORES_PACKAGE + '.' + storename.split(':')[0])
    klass = getattr(storemodule, kind)
    construct = constructors.get(storename)
    if construct is None:
        pytest.xfail('don\'t know how to construct %s store' % (storename, ))
    store = construct(klass, tmpdir)
    # no destroy in the normal finalizer
    # so we can keep the data for example if it's a tmpdir
    return store

def pytest_funcarg__bst(request):
    return make_store(request)

def pytest_funcarg__fst(request):
    return make_store(request)

def pytest_funcarg__store(request):
    store = make_store(request)
    storename, kind = request.param
    if kind == 'FileStore':
        store = ByteToStreamWrappingStore(store)
    return store