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   [1] See http://scons.tigris.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=2647 for details.
-  Please note the following important changes scheduled for the next
-  release:
   Please note the following important changes since release 2.0.0:
-    --  NEW FEATURE
     --  Support for Latex bibunits package has been added along with 
         support for tex files generated by other builders.

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-  XXX The primary purpose of this release ... XXX
-  A SCons "checkpoint release" is intended to provide early access to
-  new features so they can be tested in the field before being released
-  for adoption by other software distributions.
-  Note that a checkpoint release is developed using the same test-driven
-  development methodology as all SCons releases.  Existing SCons
-  functionality should all work as it does in previous releases (except
-  for any changes identified in the release notes) and early adopters
-  should be able to use a checkpoint release safely for production work
-  with existing SConscript files.  If not, it represents not only a bug
-  in SCons but also a hole in the regression test suite, and we want to
-  hear about it.
-  New features may be more lightly tested than in past releases,
-  especially as concerns their interaction with all of the other
-  functionality in SCons.  We are especially interested in hearing bug
-  reports about new functionality.
-  We do not recommend that downstream distributions (Debian, Fedora,
-  etc.) package a checkpoint release, mainly to avoid confusing the
-  "public" release numbering with the long checkpoint release names.
   Here is a summary of the changes since 2.0:
       This should enable much easier use of third-party (non-core)
-    - List new features (presumably why a checkpoint is being released)
-    - List anything that's been deprecated since the last release
     - scons --version now prints the path to the SCons package in use
     - LaTeX scanner is improved for broken lines or embedded spaces.
     - Windows UNC paths (\\SERVER\SHARE\dir) now work much better.
-    - List fixes of outright bugs
     - ParseFlags now supports -std=c++0x and related CXXFLAGS
       for building; can help when you don't know why a target isn't
       being built.
-    - List improvements that wouldn't be visible to the user in the
-      documentation:  performance improvements (describe the circumstances
-      under which they would be observed), or major code cleanups
-    - List changes in the way SCons is packaged and/or released
-    - List any significant changes to the documentation (not individual
-      typo fixes, even if they're mentioned in src/CHANGES.txt to give
-      the contributor credit)
-    - List visible changes in the way SCons is developed
+    - Added new getting started section
   Thanks to
   Dirk Baechle,
   Joe Zuntz
   for their contributions to this release.