SCons - TRT fork / HOWTO / change.txt


Handling a change set:

    --	Start the change:

    		aedb {cnum}	[if it's initiated locally]
		aedist -r	[if it's a remote submission]

    --	Normal development cycle:

		aet -bl
		aet -reg	[optional]

    --	As the reviewer:
		aerpass {cnum}

    --	As the integrator:

		aeib {cnum}
		aet -bl
		aet -reg

    --	Distribute the change to scons-aedist:

		aedist -s -p scons.0.96 {cnum} > scons.0.96.C{cnum}.ae
		pine -attach scons.0.96.C{cnum}.ae
			Subject: scons.0.96 - {SUMMARY}
			Body:  aegis -l -p scons.0.96 -c {cnum} cd

		rm scons.0.96.C{cnum}.ae

	[This will eventually be automated.]

    --	Update the aedist baseline on the web site:

		aedist -s -bl -p scons.0.96 >

	[This will eventually be automated.]

    --	Distribute the change to CVS:

		export CVS_RSH=ssh
    		ae2cvs -n -aegis -p scons.0.96 -c {cnum} -u ~/SCons/scons
    		ae2cvs -X -aegis -p scons.0.96 -c {cnum} -u ~/SCons/scons

        If you need the "ae2cvs" Perl script, you can find a copy
        checked in to the bin/subdirectory.

	[This may eventually be automated.]
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