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fixed up dependencies, changed BUILDING to reflect new patch

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 Once you've done that, you can if you wish run the tests:
 cd tests
-ghc --make -plg Strict.Plugin NonTerminating.hs
+ghc --make -fplugin=Strict.Plugin NonTerminating.hs
 To use the plugin on any module you compile with GHC, use the -plgStrict.Plugin option, or include it in an OPTIONS_GHC pragma, like so:
-{-# OPTIONS_GHC -plgStrict.Plugin #-}
+{-# OPTIONS_GHC -fplugin=Strict.Plugin #-}


-        template-haskell,
-        ghc-prim,
-        ghc >= 6.11
+        ghc >= 7.1


 main = do
     let xs = foreverFrom 0
     evaluate_and_possibly_timeout (take 10 xs)
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