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Merge tag 'for-v3.7-fixes' of git://

Pull pstore fix from Anton Vorontsov:
"A small fixup for the persistent storage subsystem. The bug can
prevent kernel booting on a APEI-enabled machines w/ PSTORE_CONSOLE=y
(this is N by default, though)."

* tag 'for-v3.7-fixes' of git://
pstore: Fix NULL pointer dereference in console writes

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 	while (s < e) {
 		unsigned long flags;
+		u64 id;
 		if (c > psinfo->bufsize)
 			c = psinfo->bufsize;
 			spin_lock_irqsave(&psinfo->buf_lock, flags);
 		memcpy(psinfo->buf, s, c);
-		psinfo->write(PSTORE_TYPE_CONSOLE, 0, NULL, 0, c, psinfo);
+		psinfo->write(PSTORE_TYPE_CONSOLE, 0, &id, 0, c, psinfo);
 		spin_unlock_irqrestore(&psinfo->buf_lock, flags);
 		s += c;
 		c = e - s;
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