Torsten Irländer  committed 70d1964

Added optional parameter request to forms.

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   used to display dynamic calculated values.
 - Added helper script "" to generate various information about the
   form configuration. E.g generate the SQLAlchemy model.
+- Added optional request param for form initialisation. The current request
+  from a wenframeform can no be provided to the form. This might be usefull
+  while rendering with external renderers.

File formbar/

     def __init__(self, config, item=None, dbsession=None, translate=None,
-                 change_page_callback={}, renderers={}):
+                 change_page_callback={}, renderers={}, request=None):
         """Initialize the form with ``Form`` configuration instance and
         optional an SQLAlchemy mapped object.
         provided to the form to render specific form elements. The key
         is the type of the renderer as named in the formular
+        :request: Current request (See
+        when using in connection with ringo)
         self._config = config
         self._item = item
         self._dbsession = dbsession
+        self._request = request
         if translate:
             self._translate = translate