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Added Infofield Renderer

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File formbar/

             return field._form.external_renderers.get(renderer.render_type)(field, translate)
         if renderer.render_type == "textarea":
             return TextareaFieldRenderer(field, translate)
+        elif renderer.render_type == "info":
+            return InfoFieldRenderer(field, translate)
         elif renderer.render_type == "dropdown":
             return DropdownFieldRenderer(field, translate)
         elif renderer.render_type == "datepicker":
         return "".join(html)
+class InfoFieldRenderer(FieldRenderer):
+    """A Renderer to render simple fa_field elements"""
+    def __init__(self, field, translate):
+        FieldRenderer.__init__(self, field, translate)
+        self.template = template_lookup.get_template("infofield.mako")
 class TextFieldRenderer(FieldRenderer):
     """A Renderer to render simple fa_field elements"""