Torsten Irländer avatar Torsten Irländer committed ae22f37

Added todo and did some formatting.

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 from formencode import htmlfill
 from formbar.fahelpers import get_fieldset, get_data
-from formbar.renderer import FormRenderer, FieldRenderer, get_renderer
+from formbar.renderer import FormRenderer, get_renderer
 log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
         for prop in relation_properties:
             relation_names[prop.key] = prop
-        # related_classes = [prop.mapper.class_ for prop in relation_properties]
-        # related_tables = [ for prop in relation_properties]
+        #related_classes = [prop.mapper.class_ for prop in relation_properties]
+        #related_tables = [ for prop in relation_properties]
         for key, value in
             relation = relation_names.get(key)
     def _load_relations(self, relation, values):
         loaded = []
         for value in values:
-            r = self._dbsession.query(relation).filter( == value).one()
+            db = self._dbsession
+            r = db.query(relation).filter( == value).one()
         return loaded
         user_defined_options = self._config.options
         if user_defined_options:
             return user_defined_options
-        else:
+        elif self._form._dbsession:
             # Get mapped clazz for the field
             options = []
             mapper = sa.orm.object_mapper(self._form._item)
                     items = self._form._dbsession.query(clazz)
                     options = [(, item) for item in items]
+        else:
+            # TODO: Try to get the session from the item. Ther must be
+            # somewhere the already bound session. (torsten) <2013-07-23 00:27>
+            log.warning('No db connection configured for this form. Can '
+                        'not load options')
         return options
     def add_error(self, error):
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