formbar / CHANGES.txt


- Added Testcases for i18n.
- Added Testcases Custom renderers.


- Removed FormAlchemy dependency. This includes some internal refactoring as
  the rendering and converting of values (especially relations) must now be
  done by formbar.


- Fixed readonly view for textarea. Replace \n with <br>
- Added "in" rule operand. ($field in ['1','2','3'])


- Added a configurable JS-Callback function which is called when the user
  changes the currently selected page. The function will sent some information
  (selected page, item, itemid) to a configurable URL. The server behind the
  URL can save these values in a session and reuse it to preselect the page on
  the next form rendering.

- Splitted up rendering of forms. The Fieldrenderer now renders label, field,
  help and errors seperately for each field.
- Enabled customs Renderers. Among the default FA Renderes wen can now
  configure our own renderers more easly. The goal is to  get rid of the FA
  Alchemy dependencie.


- Added a new DatefieldRenderer which uses a bootstrap specific datepicker
  widget. Needs JS. Currently this widget is used if the datetype "date" is
- Added helper method to get the needed JS code for formbar. Needed in other
- Renderer is not set depending on the datatype anymore. Default renderer is
  a TextfieldRenderer or the Renderer set by Formencode.
- Renderer is only set by the renderer attribute for an entity
- Fix in Use hgtools to build package.
- Added support for pages in forms.


- Added support for i18n. A translation function like gettext can now be
  injected on initialisation of a form.


- Changed initialisation of field.
- Implemented dropdonw field
- Layout Change. Field height is now 30px to match the Ringo form layout.


- First working version.