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Foo Government agent Jim Galloway is sent undercover to investigate shifty businessman Louis Rankin for violations of the Neutrality Act, a law forbidding the exporting of troops and war materiel to foreign countries. After hiring on as Rankin&#39;s new take-charge foreman, matters become more complicated as Galloway learns that Rankin has used Rita, his vampish girl friend, to dupe the governor&#39;s son into becoming partners in Rankin&#39;s schemes, which Rankin could later use to blackmail the governor, should the need arise. The training of a group of hard-boiled roughnecks in cavalry maneuvers on the Texas Gulf coast arouses the suspicions of the U. S. Department of Justice that ammunition, horses and men are being smuggled out of the country. A special agent, Jim Galloway (<a href=">George O&#39;Brien), posing as a ranch foreman, is sent to investigate and becomes involved in a mystery and a romance. The previous comment about the music in this movie is wrong. The music is performed by Ray Whitley, and there&#39;s a fascinating story behind it -- Whitley was contracted at the studio at the time, and received a phone call at 5:00 am from the producer to show up at the lot for filming. He told his wife, &quot;Well, I&#39;m back in the saddle again!&quot; Then he also mentioned that the producer asked him to write a song to perform in the movie. His wife told him, &quot;Well, you&#39;ve got a title for one right there.&quot;<br/><br/>He immediately penned the song &quot;Back in the Saddle Again,&quot; sang it in the movie (that same day), then later on, Gene Autry heard it, got together with Ray, made some slight changes and used it in his 1939 movie &quot;Rovin&#39; Tumbleweeds.&quot; Autry made it his theme song and became so identified with the song, people assume it&#39;s him singing it even when it isn&#39;t. Ray Whitley was a talented screen performer who was under-utilized by the studios. George O&#39;Brien stars as an undercover government agent trying to root out villain John Miljan&#39;s arms smuggling racket in this ridiculous RKO programmer. Made at a time when America was scrupulously trying to avoid taking sides in the European troubles of the late &#39;30s, Border G-Men imagines a world where evil ranchers try to circumvent the Neutrality Act by shipping guns to an unnamed and unknown third party, apparently across the Mexican border. The only saving grace of this picture is the inclusion of a handful of western swing songs by Gene Autry.


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