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this tests don't work for us
Disable the integration test completely.
Patch from issue 99. test should now work for derived project.
fix for commands_test using wrong python interpreter
[svn r102] Adds new dependency, ipaddr, from SDK
[svn r101] Fix Compatibility with App Engine SDK 1.3.0
[svn r100] Remove unnecessary check that required objects being deserialized to have a
[svn r99] Add an import hack to fix reported import problems on Ubuntu 9.10
[svn r98] Fix typo introduced in r91.
[svn r97] Improve the ability to serialize and deserialize datetime, date and time
[svn r96] Improve test robustness
[svn r95] updates for django 1.1 compat for dumpdata and fix old serialization bug
[svn r94] quick fix for python 2.6 logging issue
[svn r93] fix threading module issue in django 1.1
[svn r92] Adding support for support for mutliple versions of Django (1.0 and 1.1)
[svn r91] refactorings in preparation of sdk 1.2.5 support and django 1.1 support
[svn r90] fixed management commands to allow skipped files
[svn r89] update library to allow usage of built-in django 1.0
[svn r88] band-aid solution for DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE becoming unset by webapp.template
[svn r87] Add support for DATABASE_SUPPORTS_TRANSACTIONS, with the setting set to False,
[svn r86] Update CHANGES with a summary of the major changes since the last zipfile
[svn r85] Improve repr() output for BaseModel derived classes by returning datastore
[svn r84] The current combination of middleware and apps enabled in the example settings
[svn r83] Add support for setting the reply-to header when sending email.
[svn r82] Update path to the Python SDK in svn, now that the Java SDK has been released
[svn r81] Ensure SMTP email is not sent by default as suggested in Issue #75.
[svn r80] Continue even if the app.yaml file could not be parsed as the information is
[svn r78] Don't mention copying the SDK to .google_appengine as that causes problems with
[svn r77] Clarify Django installation instructions.
[svn r76] Adding a basic console implementation for based on the article at
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