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The Fire Emblem: Awakening Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd


Foo During a turbulent era, Chrom, the prince of Ylisse and descendant of the Hero-King Marth, leads The Shepherds in observing and combating the bizarre activities of the neighboring country Plegia. Now first off, I want to say that this is my first game in the franchise that I&#39;ve played (even though I have &quot;Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stone&quot; on my 3DS, but that was because of the fact that I was a buyer before the price-drop), so keep that in mind. Secondly, I must say I am awful at the game, I just won&#39;t accept any deaths, and I will not go causal! I must say, the gameplay is fantastic and makes me want to skip the story, despite how good the story is. May I note that because I have bought the game earlier today, I have only made it up to the end of the third chapter. I have already decided that after I finish the main game, I will buy all the DLC packs. Really check it out if you enjoy Strategy/RPG games or want to get into them. FE:A has a compelling story, with so many well-written characters. Each of them has a unique, distinct personality that you can&#39;t help but love (even the weird ones). Being something of a hopeless romantic, my favourite part of the game has to be the support options, which play a bigger role than you might think. <br/><br/>Given that the children who come from the future bear a distinct resemblance (Hair colour, occasionally class) to whomever you marry their mother (or father, in Female!Morgan&#39;s case) to, not to mention stats, it&#39;s something to pay attention to, even if you don&#39;t like the quirky character dialogue.<br/><br/>That said, the battles themselves are also quite challenging. Between the weapon triangle, winged units&#39; vulnerability to archers, weapon lifespan, and reinforcements that never stop coming, it&#39;s a task all its own to keep your units in one piece, let alone complete the battle objective. <br/><br/>Supports and story aside, I also enjoy the wireless functions - spot-pass battles, fighting against teams from previous games, I live for it. It&#39;s a nice bit of nostalgia to fight alongside characters like Marth, Roy, Hector, etc... <br/><br/>Visually, the game looks better than anything I would have expected from a hand-held console (even if it is kind of hilarious that the characters don&#39;t have feet outside of the cinematic cutscenes), and the cutscenes are glorious in 3D, and 10/10 voice acting from all involved.<br/><br/>All in all, definitely one of my favorite games of all time. I would definitely recommend it if you&#39;re into strategy games, or even just for the story itself.


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