Include grant & funding information and related publication ids to DDI-C and Datacite serialization

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Issue #36 resolved
Toni Sissala created an issue

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  1. Toni Sissala reporter

    Merged in feature/36-funding-to-ddic-and-oai-datacite (pull request #19)

    Include relPubl ids and id agencies to ddi 25 metadata. Serialize IDNo and IDNo@agency values if present in Study record.

    Include grantNo & fundAg in ddi_c.xml and oai_ddi25.xml templates.

    Include relatedIdentifiers in oai_datacite serialization Use Study.related_publications.attr_identifier & Study.related_publications.attr_identifier_agency as source to render relatedIdentifiers to oai_datacite.xml.

    Include oai_datacite contributor. Funder information is rendered as OpenAIRE compatible syntax in oai_datacite contributor element.

    Do not use eventloop directly in tests. Use KuhaUnitTestCase.run_until_complete() in test cases instead of using the event loop directly.

    Update requirements.txt: tornado==6.2.0, Genshi==0.7.7, py12flogging==0.5.0, Kuha Common 2.0.0 git tag.

    Require Kuha Common>=2.0.0 at

    Add Python 3.10 to CI test environment.

    Write unreleased changelog entry for 1.1.0.

    Bump version to 1.1.0.

    Resolves #36 at Bitbucket.

    → <<cset db98a2315918>>

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