Add metadataformat for CESSDA Data Catalogue

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Issue #8 resolved
Toni Sissala created an issue
  • Prefix: oai_ddi25
  • Template: ddi_c without dataDscr
  • Documents: Study

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  1. Toni Sissala reporter

    Merged in feature/38-xml-stylesheet-for-humans (pull request #22)

    Add XML Stylesheet to make OAI-responses more human-friendly

    Add XML Stylesheet which converts OAI-responses to XHTML.

    Add configuration option to control the Stylesheet URL and availability.

    Bump version to 1.2.0.

    Add changelog entry for 1.2.0 with todays date.

    Resolves #8 at Bitbucket.

    → <<cset ff030705d847>>

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