1. July Tikhonov
  2. jeolm


This application aims at managing course-like projects, that consist of many small pieces distributed to course listeners over time.

Application includes build system implemented in Python, and complementary LaTeX package.


  • Python 3.3 or greater; the following non-standard packages must be installed:
  • PyYAML
  • pathlib of some specific versions:
    • version included in Python 3.4.2 will work
    • recent version will work too
    • unfortunately, version included in Python 3.4.1 won't work due to a bug
  • pyinotify (imported and used only by 'jeolm buildline' shell)
  • pyenchant (imported and used only by 'jeolm spell' subcommand)
  • LaTeX

Following programs will be invoked occasionally:


$ python3 -m jeolm --help
$ python3 -m jeolm init gitignore style
$ cat <<EOF > source/_style.yaml
- /_style
- verbatim: \def\jeolmheader\jeolmheadertemplate{institution}{date range}{group name}
$ python3 -m jeolm review source/
$ python3 -m jeolm build /_style/jeolm # build documentation of LaTeX package
$ python3 -m jeolm buildline