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Reactive-style transactional device communications for ASCOM drivers with guaranteed sequencing and thread-safety

Reactive ASCOM (namespace TA.Ascom.ReactiveCommunications) is a library based on the Reactive Extensions for .NET for simplifying device communications over serial, Ethernet and other types of communications channel to embedded controllers, while guaranteeing correct sequencing and thread-safety of transactions.

Originally developed for use with ASCOM drivers, but may be useful for any software that needs to communicate with an embedded controller using a predominantly command-response protocol.

This blog article describes the approach and gives a bried overview of how to use the library. The source code contains a sample console application demonstrating how to create and use the various classes.

Available as a NuGet package - simply Install-Package TA.Ascom.ReactiveCommunications

The main project page for Reactive ASCOM is at:


Reactive ASCOM uses the MIT License.

Tim Long - Tigra Astronomy, May 2015.