What is this I don't even

Yes well I don't blame you. First things first: it's a Python utility for your commandline scripts. What does it do? The elevator pitch is:

The argparse_config utility reads defaults for commandline args from a config file. The cute thing is, it figures out what config options to expect based on your argparse commandline args definition.

It looks like this:

>>> # first prepare arg_parser from the argparse module, then:
>>> import argparse_config
>>> argparse_config.read_config_file(arg_parser, '/home/tikitu/.my_config_file.cfg')

More details ("But what does this mean for me?!) on PyPI, or you can check the bleeding edge docs.

Installing for use

It's on PyPI:

$ pip install argparse_config

Installing for hackery

You'll need a unix-style environment (linux, terminal in a mac, or similar), with python and hg installed and virtualenv. (If you know enough to question whether you need virtualenv you probably don't need my advice.)

$ hg clone
$ cd argparse_config
$ virtualenv --no-site-packages .
$ bin/pip install zc.buildout
$ bin/buildout


After installing for hackery as above:

$ source bin/activate
$ cd argparse_config.src/
$ python nosetests