Tikitu de Jager (tikitu)

Tikitu de Jager
1b0f65d Merge discarding "originals" changes. We're only doing this to make it easy to see what is original here.
7fe9daf Tidy things up to make them better match the originals.
615de50 Rearrange file to match originals (order and copyright comments).
c8bc858 Branch to show originals that I'm making use of.
5660dc8 Um yes, it should mention "hg" in the name shouldn't it? Sigh.
Tikitu de Jager
c2a8e55 Added short long description, pointing to bigbucket (where the markdown is rendered, sigh).
abd59b4 Update readme, pin mercurial version, update version number: getting ready for pypi release.
be6de1c Closed branch double-spacing
0918667 Merge double-spacing branch: the results are good, even if the code is awful.
b8da250 It's generally useful, not just for debugging, to see a revision number when skipping. Make it pretty.
Tikitu de Jager
69017b2 Tweak to not needlessly spell out merge parents, and update docs.
66958af More branch-oriented. A commit is interesting only if it is one end of a branch transition (or root or head). Skip close-branch commits.
334aa6d Uh, we only have to compactify the relevant revision set, not the whole repo...