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 ``django-adminfiles`` requires `Django`_ 1.1 or later,
-`sorl-thumbnail`_ and the `Python Imaging Library`_.
+`sorl-thumbnail`_ 3.2.5 (not compatible with the rewritten 10.x/11.x series)
+and the `Python Imaging Library`_.
 `djangoembed`_ or `django-oembed`_ is required for OEmbed
 functionality. `flickrapi`_ is required for browsing Flickr photos, `gdata`_
 for Youtube videos.
 .. _Django:
-.. _sorl-thumbnail:
+.. _sorl-thumbnail:
 .. _Python Imaging Library:
 .. _django-oembed:
 .. _djangoembed:
 To use django-adminfiles in your Django project:
-    1. Add ``'adminfiles'`` to your ``INSTALLED_APPS`` setting.
+    1. Add ``'adminfiles'`` to your ``INSTALLED_APPS`` setting. Also
+       add ``'sorl.thumbnail'`` if you have not installed it already.
     2. Make the contents of the ``adminfiles/media/adminfiles``
        directory available at ``MEDIA_URL/adminfiles`` (or