Tuk Bredsdorff avatar Tuk Bredsdorff committed 34c60c6 Draft

Also calculating total strut count now.

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 	# Print an overview of the struts
 	def self.print_strut_lengths
 		total_length = 0.0
+		total_count = 0
 		strut_info = self.find_strut_lengths
 		strut_lengths_sorted = strut_info.keys.sort
 			name = STRUT_NAMES[index]
 			color = PRIMARY_COLORS[index]
 			total_length += count * length
+			total_count += count
 			puts "#{count} x #{name} (#{color}): #{length.to_s}"
-		puts "Total length: #{total_length.to_l.to_s}"
+		puts "Total length for #{total_count} struts: #{total_length.to_l.to_s}"
 	def self.main
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