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TextMate Bundle for Moai

This bundle is aiming to provide TextMate 2 support for the Moai SDK, an open source game framework.


  • Runs the current Lua file with moai. It is run with the -e flag, which means that moai will watch the file and reload when you edit and save your file.
  • Looks up Moai classes, methods and constants within the TextMate HTML view.
  • Autocompletes said classes, methods and constants.


This bundle is being developed in TextMate 2. It might work in TextMate 1 as well. Tell me if you test it.


Clone or download this repository and doubleclick Moai.tmbundle. TextMate should then offer to install the bundle.


Create a variable called TM_MOAI_SDK in TextMate → Preferences… → Variables (or in .tm_properties). The value should be set to the path of the Moai SDK. Example: /Users/Maximiliano/Code/moai-sdk.


  • Press ⌘R or click Bundles → Moai → Run Moai to run the current file.
  • Press ⎋ (escape) to cycle through completions.
  • Press ^H to get documentation for the current word.


Internal links in documentation does not work.


Tuk Bredsdorff, 2013.