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Show message if no docs found.

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 import re
 html_path = '{0}/docs/html-lua/html'.format(env['TM_MOAI_SDK'])
+no_docs_message = '<p>No documentation found for "{0}".</p>'
 def mangle_name(name):
 		Returns a html snippet.
-	return class_info(current_word) or method_info(current_word)
+	result = class_info(current_word) or method_info(current_word)
+	return result if result is not None else no_docs_message.format(current_word)
 def class_info(name):


 	assert find_docs('setViewport').find(
 		'Set the viewport to be used for fitting.'
 	) != -1
+	assert find_docs('XXX').find('No documentation found') != -1
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