The include files limit reached

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Lutz Mader created an issue

Hello Tildeslash,
I got the following message in a test environment and monit will not start.

/home/wlpuser/monit/config/serv_zvr.cfg:1: include files limit reached ''

After removing some cfg files every thing works like expected.

A plan to make an option available (with "set limit") to configure the limit of the include file loaded. At the time the limit is hard coded, see ./src/l.l or ./src/lex.yy.c.

#define MAX_STACK_DEPTH 512

int buffer_stack_ptr = 0;

struct buffer_stack_s {
        int             lineno;
        char           *currentfile;
        YY_BUFFER_STATE buffer;
} buffer_stack[MAX_STACK_DEPTH];

A suggestion only, but somethimes this is a problem in some more complex environments are using include files to make the configuration more clearly.

Thanks for all help,
with regards,

The limit is used with monit in general, I done some testion with 5.29.0, Linux and AIX, only.

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  1. Lutz Mader reporter

    thank you for adding information about the limit to the documentation. From my point of view, limits are normal, but limits are ugly, especially as long as you can not find any information about them.

    Thanks for all your help,
    with regards,

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