Allow graphing of arbitrary numerical data

Issue #113 on hold
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M/Monit is able to graph values such as CPU usage oder load. Please allow to create custom graphs alongside custom checks, i.e. use the numerical output of a custom check.

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  1. Bogdan Martin

    hey guys, any news on this? we would really like this feature to graph in MMonit different stuff.

  2. Tildeslash repo owner

    Apologises, work on M/Monit has taken more time than envisioned as these things tends to do. We hope we will have a new version with this feature ready later this year. That is the best estimate I can give now.

  3. Gábor Hollósi


    I’m pretty curious about this feature, it would greatly expand the possibilities (eg db tablespace utilization, queue size states).

    Could you please update this issue?



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