Document log message format or implement custom log message formatting

Issue #141 resolved
Alan Davis created an issue

I'm trying to work around the limitation of only one action per "if does not exist" test by using the restart action and using an external log checker to parse the monit log messages and reformat them to a custom format used by our network monitoring system.

Please document for monit log messages format so that I can build a comprehensive regex to match


Implement custom log message formatting. I understand that the alert messages are customizable, but don't see any way to customize monit's log file output.

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    The format for the logfile is:

    [date] priority : message

    for example:

    [CET Jan  5 18:49:29] info : 'mymachine' Monit started

    We have also added support for multiple "if does not exist" tests to the development version of Monit (will be part of next release).

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