25 million lines of "SSL: write error -- Broken pipe" in eight minutes

Issue #169 resolved
anastrophe created an issue

Upgraded from 5.11 to 5.12.1 on all servers (46 of them) this afternoon (14:15 localtime). All running fine. Ten minutes ago my m/monit server threw an alert for failed Heatbeat on one server. On investigating, found that Monit began throwing the error "SSL: write error -- Broken pipe" beginning at 22:59:57 localtime, ending only after I issued a kill -9 to monit at 23:08:19:

root@mia-tm-tru-main-primary: /var/log # grep "SSL: write error -- Broken pipe" daemon.log|wc -l 25212419 root@mia-tm-tru-main-primary: /var/log # du -hs daemon.log 1.7G daemon.log (normally about 300k per day)

Nothing else was written to the daemon.log by monit besides when I started it at 14:15 localtime.

Debian 6.0.10 32 bit Built with: ./configure --without-pam --enable-optimized

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