Monit creates a lof of defunct processes if it is launched as PID1

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dmitry babitsky created an issue

repeating the closed issueof the same name, since cannot reopen it.

  • The use case for Monit as init replacement is monit running inside docker container.
  • Docker container may only start 1 process.
  • If you want more, then that process should start others.
  • This is a perfect use case for Monit, but like noted in this thread it creates a lot of zombie processes, which is a problem.
  • Can this issue be reopened?

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    We'll keep this issue open until fixed. We agree that it would be great if Monit can replace init in Docker and in other virtual containers. Unfortunately, this is not possible now as Monit requires an init-like parent process to reap orphaned children. The changes required in Monit is straightforward though; replace the existing scheduler with a new, based on an event-loop and modify Monit's dependency implementation. This require some work and will be done later this year.

  2. Tildeslash repo owner

    It is on our roadmap. This requires quite a bit of work and a rewrite of core parts of Monit. We are very motivated to do this, but unfortunately haven't found the time yet. In the meantime we recommend the solutions already mentioned in this thread.

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