Memory usage measured incorrectly?

Issue #188 resolved
Martin Blom created an issue


I have installed monit 5.12.2 on OS X (10.6).

I have a 'check system' in monitrc that says:

if memory usage > 75% 5 times within 6 cycles then alert

If I run 'monit status' it says:

memory usage                      47.8 GB [99.6%]

If I run 'top' it says:

PhysMem: 3373M wired, 480M active, 44G inactive, 48G used, 141M free.

I can see that monit uses the 'free' amount of memory but shouldn't it include the 'inactive' amount too on OS X?

When I read about inactive memory online it reads: "Inactive memory is available for use by another application, just like free memory".


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