Allow to test by default port availability instead of non-availability and else

Issue #195 on hold
Don created an issue

I thought it would be simple to make Monit to run script when remote tcp port become OPEN. While this is possible with ELSE clause, monit still first test port non-availability and send alert message which I'm not interested.

This probably is not very important improvement (because it's still possible to achieve desired behavior), but it still would be good improvement to allow Monit directly test for port availability without non-availability first.

Benefit is: reduce unneeded alert messages, more automation scenario is possible w/o inverse logic.

  • Example of possible useful scenario is remote unlock of boot process. Dropbear (mini ssh) could be configured to listen on different port than usual ssh, so when this port is up, Monit would run script, which automatically login to dropbear and do its things. While remote unlock itself is useful to protect servers from stealing from non-reliable location.

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    sounds useful, we may implement it in the future, we're working currently on other stuff, putting temporarily on hold

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