Retrieving PID using executable file

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I am using s6 ( to supervise my processes. This does not use pidfiles to keep track of the processes.

It is possible to use CHECK PROCESS ... MATCHING ... but I prefer to point to the exact PID.

I am able to programmatically retrieve the PID of the supervised process, so I was thinking that something like this would help me out:

CHECK PROCESS <unique name> PIDFILE <executable file>

The executable file should output the PID of the process when executing.

Would you be interested in adding something like that? Thanks!

-- Robin

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    Hello, thanks for suggestion.

    It is kind of corner case ... the process usually creates a pidfile itself and the pattern based process check can be used in other cases such as this one. Relying on execution of another program to get a PID would rise the complexity of the check.

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