monit start service goes both ways in the dependency tree

Issue #248 resolved
Harivardhan Pyaram created an issue

If we try to stop service A, all services that depend on service A are stopped before stopping service A. That's expected.

When we start service A, any services that A depends on should be started. But monit also starts all the services that depend on A too.

so if the dependancy as A depends on B, B depends on C and D. Then starting B starts everything.

Is there a way to disable this so that a "monit start B" will only start C, D and B in that order and not start A at all??

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  1. Harivardhan Pyaram reporter

    Is there a link or repo from where I could get the latest monit with this fix?? Also, when would the next release of Monit be?

  2. Gergely Bacso


    This issue appears to be still present at version 5.18. I have manually installed this version on Debian as the last stable version available was 5.4. Correct version was confirmed with "monit -V", the problem is still the same: any "monit start C" command traverses the dependency tree in both ways, and starts up all services.

  3. Tildeslash repo owner

    @bacsog please create a new issue and provide full monit configuration for the dependant tree, enable logging and run monit in debug mode + provide sequence of actions and compare the result with the expected state. Attach monit log when the test finished.

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