Monit includes files even if they are already included

Issue #270 resolved
Gyorgy Demarcsek created an issue

Dear Monit Team,

I have discovered a minor inconvenience regarding the include statement. Assume I have /etc/master.monitrc and I want to say:


include *.monitrc

in it. (So that I could include other .monitrc files next to my "main" configuration file.) Now Monit will keep including the same file into itself recursively until it reaches the limit of the included files, since the pattern matches the monitrc itself that has the include statement.

Couldn't you please make your lexer just skip the "caller" monitrc itself when iterating over the results of glob() in .

Thanks a lot.

P.S.: I know that is very easy to come around this one, e.g. using a separate subdir for "include" files, but I think fixing this would make this "include" feature more fool-proof. :)

Cheers, Gyuri

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