MONIT-26: Check user id of process

Issue #3 resolved
Former user created an issue

Hi, can you add a check for checking the uid of a process, like it is done for files and file systems?

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Tildeslash repo owner
    • changed version to 5.8

    Moved to version 5.8. Version 5.7 is imminent and this feature require 1-2 days work with systems specifics and will instead be implemented in the next version.

  2. Tildeslash repo owner


    the UID/GID check is implemented in next Monit release (5.8).

    If you want to test it, you can get the development Monit version here:


    tar -xzf master.tar.gz
    cd tildeslash-monit-*
    ./bootstrap && ./configure && make

    The monit binary will be in current directory, you can install it to "/usr/local/bin" using "make install"

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