Monit producing false alarms for Oracle processes

Issue #313 resolved
Ian Stacey created an issue

Hello, I'm fairly new to Monit and am having issues monitoring Oracle processes.

I keep getting false alarms for asm_pmon based on the config below from my /etc/monitrc file:

# Oracle specific entries
check process crs with pidfile /var/run/
check process asm_pmon with pidfile /var/run/
check process ora_pmon matching "ora_pmon"
check process ocssd matching "ocssd"
check process LISTENER matching "tnslsnr LISTENER "

I originally was using check process with match for all, but have been experimenting by generating my own pid files. In both cases I'm getting alarms to say the process is not running, followed a moment later with a 'is running' message.

Perhaps I am missing something, the test match option works ok:

/opt/monit/monit-5.15/bin/monit procmatch asm_pmon_
List of processes matching pattern "asm_pmon_":
Total matches: 1

/opt/monit/monit-5.15/bin/monit procmatch ora_pmon_
List of processes matching pattern "ora_pmon_":
Total matches: 1

Any thoughts?

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    The process check with pattern (ora_pmon) may fire false alert if the process forks, it is most likely duplicate of issue #60 (fix is in progress).

  2. Tildeslash repo owner

    the fix is part of next monit release, you can test it if you want:

    git clone --recursive
    cd monit
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